Residential Home Inspections

Specializing in last minute inspections, we can help meet the deadline with full color photo-filled reports SAME DAY!

We inspect all systems of a home from roof to basement and offer you all the time you need to feel knowledgeable about the systems of the home. 

Radon Inspections

The EPA recommends that homeowners consider taking steps to reduce radon gas levels if the concentration is above 4.0 pCi per liter. We'll let you know in two days with professionally placed radon meters.

Wood Destroying Insects

Nobody wants the very foundation of their home threatened by annoying termites, carpenter bees, or ants. An inspection can help you reduce the risks and provide sensible ways to remediate this problem.

Water Test

Have a well and you're not so sure about the bug cap or the UV light or filtration system? We can have the water tested for potability and decide where to go from there. No problem.

Other Tests or Inspections

If you have need of other inspections such as mold, stucco, well, pool, or another type of inspection, simply ask us and we can arrange these for you. We are designed to be a one stop shop for all your needs.

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Home Inspections


We employ the Standards and Practice of The American Society of Home Inspectors

  • Buying a home is stressful enough. We want to help you understand all the systems of your home, not just what's wrong with it. 
  • We take pride in this profession and apply ASHI standards so there is integrity to our work in every facet of it. ​
  • We understand you seek to trust someone to help you make this purchase. We seek to earn that trust throughout the process.